Water Restoration – 24/7/365 Response

Mid-Continent Restoration will work hard to get you and your family back to normal. We are IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, Certified and follow strict guidelines when providing restoration services. We have well established relationships with insurance providers to help speed up your claim process. Disaster can strike at any time. When it does, time is of the essence. In your time of need simply call Mid-Continent Restoration, your Wichita, KS water damage experts. Our team is here for you 24 hours a day giving you peace of mind. As soon as our emergency response center receives your call, a crew tailored to your specific needs is immediately dispatched to diagnose the situation and begin the clean-up and removal processes. From initial response through complete property restoration, we keep in constant communication to provide customer satisfaction.

Removal of Standing Water

Stagnant water is the most common sign of a water damaged home or business premise. Our unparalleled service industry is well equipped with the necessary tools for clearing water pools. Our water extraction machines are readily available when on call. Through the Sub-surface process, we are able to reach to all the water on your carpets and floor surfaces and extract it.

After Drying Services

Once we have drained your property of all water, we offer services that are geared towards minimizing your loss. All flooring materials including underlayment, floor padding, carpets and tiles are pulled out. This step is taken to ensure that molds do not grow due to the dampness. We do what we can to salvage as much of your items as we can, what cannot be salvaged you replace.

Ensuring Safety of Your Habitat

The Presence of water creates a conducive environment for mold, mildew, bacteria and other organic contaminants. Ensuring your safety being among our core values, we remove all airborne particles and rid your premises of all these harmful conditions to ensure that your habitat is safe to live in. We are your best partners in regaining order after suffering a flood. Any uncontrolled flow of water, however, big or small is destructive. This kind of water has the potential of permanently compromising your structural integrity.


Mid-Continent Restoration will be able to provide a full restoration and reconstruction of the damaged property. We will restore the area back to original specs or help you re-design the area. From start to finish of your restoration project, Mid-Continent will be there every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does water damage typically come from?

Water can enter the home in a variety of ways, including foundation leaks, burst pipes, appliance valve failures or poor drainage around the home. Burst pipes, valve failures and sewage backups are particularly troublesome, as they can produce several inches of water within hours.

What are the dangers?

Mold is the primary concern when water collects in the home. Mold left unchecked will spread quickly through the home by releasing spores into the air. This means that a mold colony can even reach parts of the house that seem dry. Short term exposure to mold is not typically a major concern, but regular inhalation of mold spores can cause a number of health complications, particularly in the young, old or immune compromised. These complications often include respiratory infections, nausea, agitation, malaise, fatigue, and even deadly neurotoxic complications.

What are the steps to restoration?

The first thing professionals will do is remove any compromised materials. This typically includes carpeting, carpet padding, baseboards, insulation, clothing, upholstery, fragile woods like plywood or particle board and gypsum containing materials, like sheetrock walls and ceilings. Once the house is clear of any destroyed items and all standing liquid pumped out, the technicians will work to dry and disinfect the area. This process takes several days, requiring the use of air mover fans, dehumidifiers and, occasionally, heat injection fans.

While the home is drying out, technicians will perform a thorough inspection for mold and other microbes. If the technicians find anything, the microorganisms will be removed and properly treated with disinfectants if needed. When larger mold colonies are present, technicians will build a containment structure around the area and remove the contaminated materials physically.

What should I look for in a restoration company?

Restoration companies should employ technicians trained by a respected organization like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC offers several courses on restoration, including a structural drying course and a microbial remediation course. This training will prepare technicians for a variety of job situations and keep them safe when working around hazardous fluids.